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Why is a PhotoBox Better Than a Photo Album?

Written By Megan Lewis On 25 Apr 2022

If you are old enough, you’ll remember handing in your roll of film at your local photo printing store and, once developed, the excitement of holding the prints in your hands. I remember getting back home and showing them to friends and family, with everyone admiring and passing them around. We have taken that photo-printing experience to the next level and have been doing so for some years now by adding the PhotoBox to our collection of products.

Collection of photographs laid out over a PhotoBox

What is a ‘PhotoBox’?

It’s like a photo album, but better! While it might sound fun at first, once you start the process of laying out a photo album online, you soon realise that it is very time consuming and finicky. A PhotoBox is a modern, personalized box that is easy (and really fun, we promise!) to create online and the finished product is a beautiful storage place for all your photos.

Once you have your PhotoBox and have ordered a couple of photo prints you have started a collection of photographs. The box can take up to 50 images and once you’ve reached this cap, you’ll want to order another box. You can order a PhotoBox in two sizes:

A wooden box frame and red ribbon holding up stack of photographs

The large box measures 244mm x 175mm and is made of laminated timber with a magnetized acrylic print backed by 6mm timber. The box makes a statement and, at 203mm x 153mm, the prints that this box do too.

The cute mini box measures 140mm x 205mm and, like it’s larger cousin, is made from laminated timber and has a magnetized acrylic print backed by 6mm timber.  The prints that go inside are what have traditionally been referred as jumbo prints at 100mm x 150mm.


Why is a PhotoBox better than a photo album?

When you get back from a special holiday, the images fade away into that endless collection of mobile photos. After going on a trip away, you can create a PhotoBox of the holiday for everyone and you’ll find, that even many years on, when you all get together, you’ll still enjoy pulling out that PhotoBox and pouring over them, reminiscing. It is so much fun as all the loose prints are shared between us rather than waiting for your turn to look through a photo album.

Photograph of a bride printed onto a wooden frame

A PhotoBox is a beautiful way to store the printed memories of that special day – your wedding. You can start with all those stunning professional images and then, as you go along, continually add in those memory photos snapped by wedding guests.


What quality are the loose photo prints?

PrintWild uses the best printers and inks, which in the case of PhotoBox loose photo prints, is the Epson printer and Epson paper. These ensure that the photo prints will always look as good as the day you ordered them. Over our many years of printing loose photo prints at PrintWild, we have never had a complaint about the semi-gloss prints fading or deteriorating in any way. That’s why we are so confident that your will too!

Start your order if you already know what you want. Or, if you need a little help, you are welcome to contact us and someone from our team will take you through our printing products and services, based on what you’re looking for.